Discharge of polyethylene pipes, size 160, working pressure 20 bar, khomein water transmission line project

The Khomin water transmission line project, which started years ago and has reached the operational stage, is still being developed. According to this plan, most of Khomein villages are supplied with water through the Kocheri Dam.

The production and supply of polyethylene pipes and fittings for this project was the responsibility of Petroab Hayat Industrial Group. In the development plan of this project, 160 mm water supply polyethylene pipes have been used 10 bars.

This project was started at the end of 1992 and fortunately it is currently being operated and developed. At first, the goal of this project was to supply water to 42 villages, but now, due to the expansion of the project, we can expect to supply water to more areas of the villages of Khomein city.

The investment in this project has been carried out by the private sector using the B.O.T method. With the completion of this project, it is hoped that water will be supplied to all parts of Khomin

which has 180 villages and a population of 40 thousand people should be done completely.